Whether you know him as Khal Drogo or Aquaman, actor Jason Momoa is quickly winning over locals while filming a series in Campbell River.

The star, known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Justice League, is in the area shooting a miniseries for Apple TV.

Earlier this week Momoa spent a couple hours at Campbell River’s On The Rocks Climbing Gym where he not only got in a workout, but also made time to take photos with fans.

“What a friendly guy, like really super nice guy,” said Chris Pallan. “[He] introduced himself to us and we talked a little bit about what he was doing up here.”

Pallan ran into the actor at Painter’s Lodge while having dinner. It was his dinner companion that first noticed Momoa.

“She started breathing heavy and her eyes went really big and I go ‘What’s happening? What’s going on with you?’” Pallan said.

Debbie Beck who works at the Budget Rental Booth at the Campbell River Airport says she also had a heart-fluttering moment when she saw Momoa Friday morning. She approached the actor for a birthday hug.

“He’s just really a family guy and down to earth and I really like that about him,” said Beck. “I really didn’t want to bug him but it’s my birthday, I had to.”

The consensus by those who have seen him say Momoa is very approachable and very large.

“He was actually bigger than his bodyguard and when I stand beside him he’s like so much taller than me so I stand right up on my tippy toes trying to get up to his shoulder,” said Pallan.