Firefighters in Nanaimo started their BC Day at the scene of two wildfires that broke out on Sunday.

One crew was out near Extension Road putting out a fire less than a hectare in size.

Another fire broke out a few hours later near Blackjack Forest Service Road.

The blaze, about a hectare in size, was 70 per cent contained by Monday afternoon.

The Fire Coastal Centre says both fires were human-caused.

“It’s really important right now for people to understand how dry the forest is, it is tinder dry out there and it is difficult to get these fires out,” said fire information officer Donna MacPherson. “Whatever you’re doing out there make sure you don’t start a new one.”

Fire officials says crews are being stretched thin with the amount of wildfires burning across the province.

“We are in a state of emergency and we are in extreme fire hazard right now and our province can’t afford anymore large fires so everybody has to be extra careful making sure if we do see fires we are reporting them,” said wildfire technician Morgan Boghean.

Welding torch nearly causes wildfire in Victoria

A spark from a welding torch almost set off a wildfire in a Victoria neighbourhood.

It happened Monday on North Dairy Road near Hillside Mall.

Firefighters say neighbours and people passing by saw the fire and jumped in to help.

Luckily the only damage was to the nearby hedges.