VICTORIA -- A 62-year-old Duncan man has been sentenced to 90 days of probation and a lifetime ban on owning animals for his role in a horrific and high-profile case of animal abuse.

The case, which became known as the "Trial for Teddy," began after the seizure of an emaciated dog in February 2018.

The animal was found on a Duncan property, chained up with a swollen head, prompting SPCA investigators to deem it one of the worst cases of animal abuse they had ever seen.

Teddy later died from his injuries while in the care of the BC SPCA.

Anderson Joe pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal, while his co-accused, Melissa Tooshley, pleaded guilty to neglecting the animal.

Animal rights activists filled the Duncan courtroom and the sidewalk outside on Monday as the Crown asked the court to hand Joe a three-month suspended sentence and a lifetime ban on owning another animal.

Joe's defence counsel agreed with the Crown's recommendations but asked for a conditional discharge, meaning Joe would not have a criminal record from the case.

The judge declined the discharge but advised Joe to apply for a pardon after serving his 90-day suspended sentence in order to attend a church in the U.S. that he frequents.

The hearing was temporarily halted and the judge threatened to clear the courtroom following arguments between activists and Joe's supporters.

Tooshley is scheduled to be sentenced later this week.