There were multiple sightings of gold at the Nanaimo River last week – but not the precious metal.

More than a dozen dogs took part in Pooch Pack Adventures’ fifth annual "Golden Retriever Roundup" at the river Wednesday.

Owner and dog-walker Kim Sirett, whose personal dog is a golden retriever, said she wanted to create an event with the “no barking, happy, tail-wagging” breed because she walks so many of them.

So she piled 13 of the dogs – and one lucky yellow Labrador retriever – into a van and took them to the river for a massive game of fetch.

A video posted to YouTube shows the pack bounding around the river, diving from rocks and fetching sticks – all set to Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose.”

Sirett said she loves all her dogs, but has a soft spot for the breed because she grew up with one.

“They’re just a really good family dog and always happy, and willing to please,” she said.

It made for a great video, but do the dogs notice when they’re all together? Sirett thinks so.

“Dogs do kind of realize, some dogs, when they’re with a like-minded breed. I’m pretty sure my golden knew what was going on that day.”

Watch the full video: