Victoria councillors will make a decision this week over the fate of the aging Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre.

Built 45 years ago, the Victoria fitness facility is at the end of its useful life.

According to the city’s mayor, not doing anything about it is no longer an option.

“We’ll be making a decision as to whether we’re going to refurbish the pool, renovate the pool or rebuild the pool,” Lisa Helps said.

Each of the three options would cost tens of millions of dollars.

Retrofitting the pool and fitness centre with system upgrades is the cheapest option at an estimated $40 million.

A major renovation with an expansion to make room for new programming and a reconfigured pool area comes in at $56 million.

A complete rebuild next to the current site is the priciest choice at $68 million.

The city said that would meet current and future programming needs.

“It’s a really tough decision, but the good news is we’re going to be making a decision after more than 15 years of conversation,” Help said.

The debate will open on Thursday.

If a decision is made then shovels could be in the ground by 2018.