Visitors to the Comox Air Force Museum will have the rare chance to step inside some historic aircraft this weekend.

This Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the museum is hosting an "Open Cockpit Day" where guests are invited to explore military vehicles like an Aurora patrol plane and a Sea King helicopter.

"The outside is the skin and all that but inside you can see what the human beings did," said Jon Ambler, a Comox Airport Museum volunteer.

"They can take them up into the Argus [reconnaissance plane] and they can point something out," said Ambler. "'That's where I used to sit, that's what I used to do' and for the families, all of a sudden it becomes real for them."

Onboard the aircraft, museum volunteers will be available to help answer any questions that visitors might have while up close and personal with the historic vehicles.

Meanwhile, besides the open cockpits, guests will have the chance to try out a flight simulator from World War II or watch documentaries about the global conflict.