A passenger ferry service that will link Vancouver and Victoria’s harbours will set sail in spring 2018.

Seattle-based Clipper will receive a 52-metre high-speed catamaran called Halunder Jet in the fall of 2017.

The vessel, which currently operates in the North Sea, carries 579 passengers and can travel at speeds up to 36 knots.

Halunder Jet will be retrofitted to Clipper’s specifications and reflagged for its new operation ahead of its launch.

The ferry service was originally supposed to launched in 2016, but was delayed as the company searched for the right vessel to travel across the challenging Salish Sea.

There is no word yet on what tickets will cost.

The Victoria-Vancouver connector will have some competition when it begins operation.

V2V Vacations, operated by Australia-based company Riverside, is launching a new passenger ferry service linking Victoria’s Inner Harbour and downtown Vancouver on May 1.

The company’s website is offering one-way tickets for between $120-$140 per trip aboard the 254-seat vessel.