VICTORIA -- A commuter who watched a near-deadly accident unfold before his eyes this morning says he was shocked by a driver's excuse for speeding by him.

Dashcam video shot by Chris Secord shows a mid-size SUV pass him on the right near Humpback Road Tuesday morning at around 8:15.

Driving towards Langford on Highway 14, Secord says the SUV overtook him in the slow lane in an attempt to pass. 

“All hell broke loose,” Secord told CTV News Vancouver Island. 

Video shows the SUV lose control and wildly careen into the oncoming lanes of the four-lane highway. Drifting sideways in the wrong lane, the SUV comes within feet of being T-boned by an oncoming SUV, which quickly changes lanes to avoid disaster. 

Still out of control, the skidding SUV enters the correct lanes before running off the road and hitting a highway sign. 

Secord pulled over and when he went to check on the driver he says he was shocked by her excuse for the accident.

Secord says after confirming she was alright, she told him that she was simply late for work and that was the reason for passing in what turned out to be dangerous fashion. 

“It isn’t worth the risk,” Secord said. “I had my daughter in the car.”

Secord says his family has been contacted by a driver who said they were nearly hit by the out of control SUV and have asked him to send the video to police. 

CTV News Vancouver Island has reached out to the West Shore RCMP for comment.