VICTORIA -- A fridge stocked with free donated food has been set up in the Rock Bay neighbourhood by Community Fridge Victoria, a group of volunteers.

The idea comes from other cities that have been successful in establishing their own community fridges over the past year. The fridges are meant to provide low barrier access to healthy fresh food for anyone in need.

The group says keeping food on the table has been a bigger issue during the pandemic, and the community fridge is meant to ease the barrier to nutritious food for those who are struggling.

The group also hopes to build community through the fridge by bringing the neighbourhood closer together, as the fridge works off a “take what you need, leave what you can” philosophy.

“Creating food resources that just distribute healthy, exciting and fresh food to anyone who needs it – the most positive impact being people don’t have to worry about when they’re going to get their next (meal) from,” said Wren Shaman with Community Fridge Victoria.

The food is donated from businesses and community members.

Volunteers will check the food in the fridge located on the 600-block of David Street for freshness two to three times a day. The group only accepts sealed goods and encourages users to throw away food if it looks tampered with.

Those interested in volunteering with the group can send an email to