The University of Victoria launched its first Indigenous Plan this week, building on its commitment to Indigenous education over the next five years.

The plan, which was developed by faculty, staff and students over two years, is part of UVic’s response to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

“This plan sets out ambitious goals and clear accountability to increase educational opportunities and success for Indigenous students and further develop education, research, outreach and engagement initiatives and programs with an Indigenous focus,” said UVic president and vice-chancellor Jamie Cassels.

According to UVic, the school has increased Indigenous student recruitment and retention through innovative programming, including an initiative that provides bursaries, mentoring, and community-based internships.

“We are committed to ongoing work, both inside and outside the classroom, to engage the entire campus community in the process of breathing life into the values and vision shared in this plan,” said Robina Thomas, interim executive director, Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement.

Indigenous students are enrolled in every faculty at UVic. 

The university enrolled 1,224 Indigenous students in 2016/17, which is a 36 per cent increase over the past decade.

UVic is also working on a new fund called ‘Learning from One Another’ to build on and increase engagement with Elders on campus. 

The money will ensure that students, faculty and staff have access to Elders’ knowledge in activities such as faculty seminars, classroom visits and advisory meetings.