It turns out tobogganing isn't just for humans.

A teen who set out for a day of sledding with friends on Ryan Street Hill found himself on a collision course with a massive rat.

Seventeen-year-old Cole Salsman had his GoPro camera recording as he slid down the hill with dozens of other kids who were out of class because of widespread school cancellations Tuesday.

"We hitting the ramp boys?" Salsman is heard asking as they speed toward a bump.

But it wasn't a ramp he hit seconds later – it was the rat.

In the video, the critter is seen deftly dodging another sled before colliding with Salsman.

"I thought somebody's toboggan snapped and a piece of plastic flew my way," he said.

Shrieks from nearby sledders can be heard as the rodent ricochets off the sled, lands in the snow, and scurries away to safety.

While getting a rat in your lap might ruin someone's day of fun, Salsman took it in stride.

"I think it made it better," he said.

No word on whether the rat was injured in the collision.