VICTORIA - A task force has been appointed to scrutinize British Columbia's rental housing regulations and come up with solutions to address affordability.

Premier John Horgan says there are roughly 1.5 million renters across the province and the supply of rental housing has not kept up with demand.

The task force will be led by New Democrat member of the legislature Spencer Chandra Herbert, who will also serve as the premier's advisor on residential tenancy, and includes New Democrat Ronna-Rae Leonard and Green MLA Adam Olsen.

Chandra Herbert says supply and affordability in the real estate market gets plenty of public attention, but the same crisis exists for renters and their voices need to be heard.

He says both renters and landlords have not received the support they need when facing problems and disputes, and regulations can be improved to offer more security to all parties.

Horgan says the task force will consult with renters, landlords and municipalities before making recommendations to modernize tenancy regulations this fall.