VICTORIA -- Someone in Victoria has ordered food delivery from SkipTheDishes almost twice a day, every day, for the past year.

That's just one of the startling stats the meal delivery company shared this week, detailing how some Vancouver Islanders spend thousands of dollars per year on meal delivery from local restaurants and fast food chains.

The unnamed Victoria resident has ordered SkipTheDishes 603 times since Jan. 1. While that's quite the feat, it doesn't touch the 764 orders – more than two a day – that somebody somewhere in Canada placed in 2019.

Extreme outliers aside, what are average Victorians ordering on the food delivery app?

The most popular food item, according to the company, was by far butter chicken, with Victorians placing more than 17,000 orders of the Indian dish in 2019.

The second most popular food item was the Junior Chicken sandwich from McDonald's, with nearly 13,000 orders, followed by the Spicy Peanut Noodle Box, which was ordered more than 11,500 times.

Victoria's top restaurants on the delivery app for 2019 were Royal Spice, The Mantra Fine Indian Cuisine and Chiba Sushi.

The biggest order out of Victoria this year rang in at $689. Most, if not all, of it was sushi, according to SkipTheDishes spokesperson Melanie Loeb. Still, that pales in comparison to the $4,004 spent on a single order of 154 beef soyas in the Toronto area – Canada's largest single order of 2019.

The food delivery company says Victoria's ordering habits are mostly reflective of the rest of Canada's, with the top three items ordered nationally being butter chicken, poutine and dynamite sushi rolls.

SkipTheDishes also released a breakdown comparison of the most popular orders in Toronto and Vancouver, revealing a stark divide in the eating habits of the two cities. 

In Toronto, the top three most ordered items were five-piece chicken nuggets, with $150,000 worth sold; Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, with $125,500 sold; and chicken burritos, with $95,000 sold.

In Vancouver, the top orders were for miso soup, with $110,500 sold; California rolls, with $86,000 sold; and butter chicken, with $77,500 sold.