Investigators say rain is to blame after a vehicle spun out and crashed into a rock wall on the Malahat Highway Tuesday morning.

Mounties were called to the highway near Finlayson Arm Road for a report of a single vehicle on the side of the road at around 8 a.m.

They arrived to find catastrophic damage to the vehicle, but say the two men inside only suffered minor injuries.

Police say speed was not a factor in the crash, but they determined heavy rain and slick roads played a role in the accident.

Traffic was delayed on the Malahat during the investigation, but the highway was not shut down.

The crash comes a day after a large rock became dislodged from a slope above the Malahat and struck a vehicle, which investigators also blamed on heavy rain.

Out of precaution, the highway was shut down for about three hours during the busy Monday morning commute, prompting new calls for an alternative to the arterial route.