B.C.’s first vegan butcher shop, opening this weekend in Victoria, is facing online critics after being featured on the news for its unique business plan.

James Davison, owner of The Very Good Butcher Shop, serves up plant-based faux meats at a shop set to open in Victoria’s Public Market on Saturday.

While some vegans and vegetarians love the idea of more cruelty free, meat-like options, Davison quickly found that not everyone is supportive of his idea.

After posting his story on social media, CTV Vancouver Island received feedback from dozens people with strong opinions about what a butcher shop is and isn’t.

“It might be coming from a position of they feel they have to defend themselves and the decisions they make,” said Davison. “We’re not attacking anyone. We’re not part of that ‘meat is murder,’ we’re just here to provide an alternative and if you enjoy it and want to eat it, great.”

Watch as Davison learns what his critics really think: