A group of concerned parents, teachers and students is taking its climate action message to the Victoria school board Monday.

The group Parents 4 Climate will be marching to the Greater Victoria School District office to ask the board to declare a climate emergency.

The group is encouraging the district to immediately develop and implement an ambitious plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Three speakers – a teacher, a parent and a student – will present to the board and call for the body to address climate change.

"We know that many municipalities have declared climate emergencies and put in action plans, so we thought why not a school district?" said Tara Ehrcke, a spokesperson for Parents 4 Climate.

"They have buildings, they have fossil-fuel heating, there's transportation. The school buses are not yet electrified, there are all kinds of aspects of the school district that generate a lot of greenhouse gas emissions."

The group will meet at 6:30 p.m. at Browns Socialhouse at the Uptown Mall before marching to the Greater Victoria School District office on Boleskine Road, where the meeting begins at 7 p.m.