Police in Oak Bay are investigating after a cat was reportedly shot with a pellet gun and had to be euthanized.

Oak Bay police say the incident happened Sunday, Sept. 1 when a resident's two-year-old cat returned home to a Deal Street residence.

Police say the cat appeared very ill and the owner took it to the vet where it was determined the cat was shot with what's believed to be a pellet gun.

"He returned home after several days away and was not himself," said the cat's owner, Joelene Heathcote, in a Facebook post Saturday.

"When we took him to the vet, x-rays showed he had been shot in the belly with a pellet gun and had suffered blunt force trauma to his body and his insides were ruptured." 

Due to its injuries, the cat had to be put down.

"Our family is devastated," Heathcote said.

Police say animal control was contacted and no similar incidents have been reported.

Investigators have canvassed the area but so far have found no suspects, they said.

"We believe someone knows who did this and we encourage them to call us or to call Crime Stoppers," said Oak Bay Police deputy Chief Ray Bernoties.

"We don't know the motive but we're aware that, at times, some residents can be unhappy about cats being in their yard so that is certainly one possibility, among others."