There was no "fowl" play involved when some ducklings were separated from their mother Friday.

The six ducklings were saved by Saanich police after getting their feathers ruffled by vehicles on Blanshard Street and Vernon Avenue.

The mother and ducklings were attempting to cross the street to get to Swan Lake but were facing some difficulties navigating through traffic. 

Police were called to the scene and after securing mom with a net were able to easily catch the remaining family members.

They were brought to Swan Lake where they were safely released.

Two hours later, Sannich police received another call from someone who had witnessed three more ducklings fall through a sewer grate at Blanshard and Vernon earlier in the day.

Police went back to the scene where after removing the grate, they were able to rescue the three presumed siblings. 

They were also brought to Swan Lake, where they were left in a cage for a short period of time to quack away in an attempt to rouse mom's attention. 

It is unknown if the ducks were able to be reunited with their mother. If not, they will be brought to the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre for care.

Sannich police spokesperson Sgt. Julie Fast had this to say:

7 little ducks
Went out one day
Over the road and far away
Mother duck said
"Quack, quack, quack, quack"
But the busy road meant they couldn't go back.

To the rescue came a helping hand
Who scooped them up with gentle command
Away to Swan Lake they went in a flash
Where the cage was opened and they went for a dash.

Mother duck said
"Quack, quack, quack, quack"
And all 7 little ducks were happily back.