The Canadian Armed Forces is warning the public that trespassers using its Nanaimo rifle range risk serious injury and fines.

A recent survey conducted by CFB Esquimalt found people are frequently trespassing and illegally using firearms on the property.

“There is no safe time to be within the boundaries of the range,” the Canadian Forces said in a statement Thursday.

“It is used for live-fire training during the day, at night and throughout the weekends. Trespassers risk serious injury if they enter the training area while operations are underway.”

The statement also warns that first aid and medical attention are hard to access in such a remote area outside Nanaimo.

Because of the risks, some trespassers have caused the range to close recently. If trespassers interrupt training, they may be fined and even taken into custody, the military warned.

CFB Esquimalt Capt. Jason Boyd said he is concerned that people continue to trespass in the live-fire facility and said he is hopeful people will hear the warning and share it with others.

“We have have had many positive interations with the public who continue to be essential in helping to spread this message,” he said.

“We want to thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding as we take the necessary action to ensure public safety.”

The increase in trespassing may be due, in part, to unclear boundaries outlining the range. However, the range has confirmed it will be adding more signs and infrastructure to alert the public to these off-limits areas.