The trial for a former care aide accused of sexually assaulting patients with a variety of disabilities continued Wednesday in Victoria.

Amado Ceniza faces six charges of sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a person with a disability. The charges are related to incidents which allegedly happened at Aberdeen Hospital on Hillside Avenue last July.

Today the court heard from the three women who allege they were sexually assaulted at the hospital.

All three are seniors and have mobility problems. Two of them are in wheelchairs and the third uses a walker.

One of the alleged victims told the court she awoke to a man's voice saying, "Are you ready for me?" 

She says the man, whose face she could not see, proceeded to touch her genitals, massage her breasts and kiss her face and neck. She told the court she believes it was Ceniza.

The other two women, who were both in wheelchairs, told the court that Ceniza had touched their genitals.

One of the women became tearful as she testified that he kissed her on the lips after saying, "You'll never see me again, can I have a hug?" to which she responded, "No, I'm not your mother or grandmother."

All of the alleged assaults happened in the context of what's called perineal care, when care aids are directed to clean and wash a patient's private parts when they need help doing so.

None of the women say they directed or consented to the accused touching them where he did.

Ceniza has pleaded not guilty to the charges. The trial is expected to wrap up Thursday.