There were no injuries after a horse pulling a carriage tour broke free and went for a stroll in downtown Victoria Friday.

A piece of a harness broke mid-tour and a horse pulling the carriage was able to get loose, said Tally Ho Carriage Tours.

The passengers in the carriage at the time weren’t hurt, and neither was the eight-year-old horse, according to the company.

“He went for a little bit of a run, and so what happens after we have an incident like that, we make sure Ike is okay,” said Tally Ho manager Kate Clark.

“Then what we do is restart a training program…it usually takes a minimum of six weeks.”

It’s not the first accident involving a horse and carriage.

In 2014, a horse got spooked and hit two cars and a motorcycles in the capital city.

Activists have been calling for a ban of horse drawn carriages in the capital, calling it “animal exploitation.”