Langford-opoly has hit the shelves and quickly sold out.

The prolific properties of Illinois Avenue, Boardwalk and Reading Railroad are being replaced with highly coveted Langford locations.

Darcy’s Pub, Langford Lanes and Thetis Lake are now where you’ll want to be setting up shop on the re-imagined board game classic.

Victoria-opoly and Langford-opoly are the creations of Outset Media, who partnered with Walmart Canada to recreate the classic game with a community focus.


"We were just so excited to see our name in writing there and all the local landmarks and it’s just really exciting for us to be a part of that," said Courtney Campbell, general manager for Darcy’s Pub.

Langford Mayor Stew Young agreed.

"I think it’s great. It showcases our community. It showcases some of our businesses here and it’s great for the community," said Young.

Instead of landing on the traditional 'Go to Jail' spot, there's a twist West Shore residents are all too familiar with: stuck in a traffic jam. 

You can get your hands on a copy of Langford-opoly at the West Shore Walmart. Victoria-opoly is only available at the Uptown Mall Walmart location.

"I will no doubt be one of the first people purchasing a game of Victoria-opoly and I look forward to playing it," said Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps.

A Nanaimo version is already in the works.