A driver escaped injury after his semi-trailer truck was ripped open by a Victoria bridge so infamous it's been given the nickname "the Can-Opener."

The driver was making a delivery when he tried to drive the vehicle under the out-of-commission E&N rail bridge on Hereward Road in Vic West on Wednesday.

The man's truck was slightly taller than the bridge's 3.7-metre clearance and the resulting crash tore open his trailer like a can of sardines.

As shocking a sight as it was, those who live in the area could hardly feign surprise that the bridge claimed another victim.

"It's happened, I don't know, six times since I've lived here that I can remember," said one passerby who has lived in the area for 20 years. "This is probably the biggest one that I've seen here so far."

Bill Suchla said while signs noting the bridge's clearance are visible, more could be done to ensure drivers see them.

"The signs aren't big enough on the end of the street here, so drivers miss the sign," said Suchla. "They'll go down there with semi-trailers. Some will back up when they see the overpass, some will just hit it."

The City of Victoria told CTV News the approaches and structure itself are well-signed and that signage follows standard procedure.

Officials said it's the responsibility of the driver to pay attention and know the height of their vehicle to prevent such accidents from occurring.

Hereward Road was closed temporarily while crews dislodged the badly damaged truck from under the bridge.

The driver, an 11-year-veteran, was not injured.