The rain may be easing, but the winds are whipping up. Wind warnings are in effect for many parts of Vancouver Island as a strong fall storm moves through this morning.

As the cold front sweeps the south coast this morning, southeasterly winds of 40-60 km/h will shift to westerly in its wake.

Westerly gusts will peak at 80-90 km/h late this morning. A wind warning is in effect for Greater Victoria, parts of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

victoria wind warning

The intense winds follow an impressive amount of rain in the last 30 hours. In some parts of Vancouver Island more than 200 millimeters of rain has drenched the area. And there’s more to come.

rain vancouver island

rain 2 vancouver island

Once this morning’s storm passes another one will approach. Round two of heavy rain and high wind begins tonight as the second strong Pacific front comes ashore. This second storm is expected to pack a bigger punch when it comes to wind speeds.

Wind warnings have been issued for North Vancouver Island, as southeast winds of 90 km/h gusting to 110 km/h are expected overnight.

north island wind warning

In general, these weather conditions can be dangerous. Winds are strong enough to toss loose objects, causing damage; tree branches can come down; wind-blown leaves can block storm drains causing water to pool and localized flooding in low lying areas.

courtenay tree down

Firefighters deal with a fallen tree branch that sparked a small fire after it came into contact with power lines in Courtenay Monday, Oct. 17, 2017. (CTV Vancouver Island)

With the two storms in succession soaking the south coast with heavy rain, the B.C. River Forecast Centre has issued a flood watch for some North Vancouver Island streams. A high streamflow advisory remains in effect for other parts of Vancouver Island today.

streamflow pic wx