VICTORIA - A multi-million dollar steel shipment bound for Ogden Point's Pier B has finally arrived, according to the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA).

The 204 tonnes of steel will be used to lengthen the Victoria Cruise Terminal's Pier B, a project that was originally scheduled to complete this year. The $6.8 million construction project was delayed in December 2018 after the GVHA's original order of steel was lost at sea on day 29 of its 30-day voyage to the island from Shanghai.

After the shipment was lost at sea due to rough waters, the GVHA revised their pier design to accommodate a new shipment of steel, which has now arrived. The first lift of steel will take place on Nov. 12, according to the harbour authority.

The mooring dolphin extension project at Pier B will extend the docking area by roughly 55 metres, which will allow for larger "Quantum-class sized vessels" that can carry up to 4,905 passengers, to arrive in Victoria.

The steel received measures roughly 3.05 metres wide and 64 metres long, weighing a total of 204 tonnes. Once set into place into the seabed, most of the structure will be underwater or underground.

In total, the mooring dolphin extension project is set to cost $6.8 million, and marks the GVHA's most expensive project ever. Construction will take roughly five months to complete and will be ready for use in the 2020 cruise ship season, which begins on April 3, 2020.