The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) marked a significant milestone for the local tourism industry Friday as they celebrated the city's nine-millionth cruise ship visitor.

The Royal Princess cruise arrived with the timely tourists, couple Rosa and Jesus More, at Ogden Point on Friday afternoon.

According to the GVHA, the Mores have visited Victoria more than 300 times, including 237 arrivals by cruise.

"It's just a big day. After being here for years with no crews, it's a significant event for the community, for all the businesses that rely on cruise," said Ian Robertson, CEO of the GVHA.

"So to be able to celebrate the nine-millionth guest – cruise is back," he said.

The harbour authority says the cruise industry brings over $140 million to the local economy each year.

Cruise ships also generate revenue used by the GVHA to maintain local amenities -- like the Broughton Street wharf, which is currently being upgraded.

There is hope that this event marks a turning point as the industry makes a post-COVID resurgence, says Robertson.

The harbour authority is expecting over 331 ships to dock in Victoria this summer, carrying with them more than 790,000 passengers.