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Cruise ships to pay more for dumping high-risk waste in Victoria

A cruise ship is seen docked in Victoria, B.C. (CTV News) A cruise ship is seen docked in Victoria, B.C. (CTV News)

Cruise ships docking at Ogden Point in Victoria will soon pay a lot more to dump high-risk waste in the Hartland Landfill.

The Capital Regional District's Environmental Advisory Committee voted in favour of nearly tripling dumping fees for high-risk waste at the landfill.

The fee will jump from just over $150 per ton to $500 per ton.

"The cost increase, which is something like 600K a year, is not significant but it does send a message and makes you think, 'Do you want to unload your waste on Vancouver Island or can you do something better with it?'" said Esquimalt Mayor Barb Desjardins on Thursday.

High-risk waste includes foreign food and other items that have not been inspected locally.

Desjardins says that high-risk waste must be treated in a similar manner as products containing asbestos.

The fee hike is set to begin in 2024 to give cruise ship operators time to adjust. Top Stories

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