A former care aide accused of sexually assaulting patients at a Victoria hospital took the stand Thursday to deny the allegations against him.

Amado Ceniza, 39, is facing six counts of sexual assault and exploitation of a person with a disability in relation to alleged crimes against three women last July at Aberdeen Hospital.

The women testified a day earlier, claiming Ceniza touched their genitals without their consent.

One of the women said a man she believes was Ceniza also massaged her breasts and kissed her face and neck.

All three women are elderly and have mobility issues, two relying on wheelchairs, and another used a walker Tuesday in court.

On Thursday, Ceniza told the court that he never kissed or hugged any of the alleged victims.

Contrary to what they claimed, he said he only touched their genitals with their consent and at their direction.

He said he asked the women to apply cream to the area in order to treat skin issues, something he did in the context of washing them before bed.

Ceniza has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

Lawyers are expected to make their closing arguments in the trial next week before a decision is rendered. 

With files from CTV Vancouver Island's Rob Buffam