All three people in a Comox Fire Rescue vehicle that crashed into a median on the Trans-Canada Highway Thursday night are out of hospital with no serious injuries.

The crash happened in the northbound lanes of the TCH near Helmcken Road before 5 p.m.

Neil Fahlman was driving behind the white pickup truck and caught the shocking collision on dashboard camera.

The video shows the fire rescue vehicle as it swerves off the highway, only to swerve back and smash into the media.

Fahlman and others rushed out of their vehicles to aid those in the truck.

"The driver was still buckled in when I got out of the car and was on the phone to 911," he said. "There was another gentleman who got out of the truck through the back window. The whole back of the canopy got thrown off and ejected into the other lane."

He said the driver went unconscious after that, but came to again.

Officials tell CTV News the driver suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel. Two other people were in the vehicle at the time.

All three were taken to Victoria General Hospital. Two were released prompt, while the driver spent the night there to be observed.

Comox Fire Rescue confirmed Friday that everyone had since been discharged with no serious injuries.

The crash brought traffic on the route to a standstill for about an hour, then reopened to single lanes in each direction, causing delays for hours.

All lanes were reopened about two hours after the crash.