VICTORIA -- The tragic death of a Victoria father at a Lower Mainland trampoline park has been deemed an accident by the BC Coroners Service.

In a report released Tuesday, the death of 46-year-old Jason Greenwood was officially categorized as an accident, but the coroner said a faster medical response could have prevented the father’s death

Greenwood suffered a serious spinal injury at the Extreme Air Park in Richmond on Jan. 20, 2018. On an outing with his family, the father died after jumping from a trampoline into a foam pit.

In the report, Coroner Cynthia Hogan says “a more timely medical aid response with a respiratory support may have prevented a fatal outcome. There was no emergency response plan in place to deal with injured patrons and staff were not trained in First Aid or CPR.” 

Since Greenwood's death, Technical Safety BC, an organization which oversees the safety of amusement attractions in the province, has asked that trampoline parks be regulated

Technical Safety BC wants the parks to fall under their umbrella so regulations could ensure staff are medically trained and attractions are tested. The organization has requested trampoline parks be designated as an amusement device under the Safety Standards Act.

The coroners service says it would have made similar recommendations to the province following the report into Greenwood’s death, but doing so would be redundant after Technical Safety BC's recommendation.

Greenwood was a stepfather to three children.