VICTORIA -- The owner of a vehicle that was involved in a hit-and-run has been slammed with a hefty fine after lending their vehicle to someone they knew.

Saanich police tell CTV News Vancouver Island they received multiple calls for a hit-and-run near Richmond Road around 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.

“When officers attended, they spoke to witnesses who said the vehicle fled the scene,” said Const. Markus Anastasiades.

People living nearby woke up to a loud bang and looked out their windows to see a chaotic scene.

“When I woke up I just went to turn on the tap and it gurgled and there was no water,” said Reece Boulanger.

Howie Allan, the creator of a Facebook group that keeps people informed about things happening around town, said he jumped out of bed when he heard what happened.

“Got on my coat, ran down, got my scooter and caught the fire department going to the scene,” said Allan.

Boulanger said when he looked out his window, people were gathering on the street and water was running down the road.

The driver of the vehicle allegedly slammed right into a fire hydrant and sent it flying several feet.

“It takes quite a lot of force to remove a fire hydrant,” said Anastasiades. “The entire fire hydrant was upheaved from the road. That’s a lot of force.”

Saanich police said it’s being considered a high-speed collision. They said they were able to track down the registered owner of the vehicle.

“It was determined through the investigation that the registered owner actually was not the one driving and it was perhaps loaned out to someone they know,” said Anastasiades.

The owner was ticketed $368 for failing to remain at the scene.

“It’s quite a hefty fine,” said Anastasiades.

Saanich Public Works shut off the water to stop homes near the crash scene from flooding. The water was turned back on later in the day.

It’s not clear what caused the collision or if the driver was impaired.

“We weren’t able to concretely identify who was driving the vehicle,” said Anastasiades. “It is a good reminder to anyone who owns a vehicle that if they lend their vehicle out to anybody they are responsible for their driving actions.”

Police said no one was injured in the crash.