Firefighters rescued a construction worker after he suffered a medical emergency high up on a crane at a job site in Langford.

Crews from Langford and Colwood Fire helped conduct the rescue at the Belmont Market construction site on Jacklin Road early Wednesday morning.

Langford firefighters initially were going to conduct a rope rescue, but instead called in mutual aid from Colwood to use that department's 115-foot aerial platform.

They extracted the man from the crane and brought him back down to the ground where waiting paramedics transported him to Victoria General Hospital for treatment.

"It's our first rescue off a tower crane in Langford. We had multiple plans here, but luckily the safest was using the aerial device," said Langford Fire Asst. Chief Scott Davidson. "I'm very happy with the crews working together as well as we had View Royal on standby protecting the area." 

Davidson said as more condos go up on the West Shore, fire departments are training extensively for high-rise rescues and the like.

The man's condition is unknown, but he was said to be conscious during the incident.