VICTORIA - The chief of the Victoria Police Department says there is still “work to do” in the wake of a scathing report that found former chief Frank Elsner committed eight acts of misconduct while in office.

Chief Constable Del Manak says senior managers in the department will work with union leaders to identify and address all workplace issues that made Elsner's actions possible.

Manak pointed to the recently created diversity and inclusion executive committee and mandatory anti-bullying and harassment training and ethics courses, as signs the department is committed to a healthier work environment.

The chief's comments come just days after B.C. Police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe found Elsner had been “caught in a web of untruths” which began when the former chief sent inappropriate Twitter messages to the wife of an officer in his department.

Lowe's report said Elsner lied to investigators, minimized the inappropriate comments, encouraged another witness to make a false statement, had unwanted physical contact with two female officers, made inappropriate sexual remarks to another and misused department equipment.

Elsner resigned as chief last May but Lowe demoted him to the rank of constable and dismissed him from policing.