A new player in the transportation industry is pitching a unique taxi service on the West Shore that would see women – and only women – fill all jobs from dispatch to driver.

A company called Women on Wheels is pitching the all-female transportation service they hope will create safer rides for women.

"We girls got together and said that we probably could do something better than the boys could do. They always say if you can run it better, than go ahead," said Shelly Evans, a former dispatcher who is one of three women who came together to create the company.

"We're going to go ahead and see if we can create a company that will offer better service, especially to women, because we feel that a lot of women feel safer with women."

The concept has cropped up on roads in Toronto and Halifax, where a high-profile case involving a male cabbie accused of sexually assaulting a drunk passenger is still before the courts.

A similar case played out in Victoria in 2014 with a male driver who was sentenced to three months behind bars.

Women on Wheels says it hopes to start small on the West Shore before growing its fleet into downtown.

B.C.'s Taxi Association says it doesn't have a problem with the added competition, as long as the company goes through the proper channels.

"We welcome a fair competition, and if they have applied, they've got the licence, it's a fair competition," said association spokesman Mohan Kang.

The women are waiting to hear back from their application, but hope to have a fleet of pink cabs on the road by the end of 2018.

As for criticism that the practice of hiring only women is unfair, the women aren't making any apologies.

"They've got lots of taxis that they could drive," said Evans.