A Saanich community awoke to a possible explosion and powerful house fire early Friday morning.

Just after 8 a.m., Saanich first responders sped to the 3200-block of Linwood Avenue. At the home, firefighters found the front of a single storey home engulfed in flames. Thick grey smoke was billowing from all sides of the home when fire crews first began their attack. 

Earlier that morning, while out walking her dog, Heather Stewart witnessed the abrupt beginning of the emergency situation.

“'Kaboom,' and the left hand side of the building windows all blew out,” said Stewart.

Witnessing what she believes was an explosion, the neighbour took a closer look at the back side of the home. This is where she got another shock. 

"I needed a blanket as well, because there’s a lady that came out of the house that had been in the shower and she was naked.”

The unclothed female found in the backyard was the only person inside the house at the time of the fire, according to Saanich firefighters. She was taken to hospital with minor smoke inhalation. 

After ensuring the woman received help, the focus then shifted to dousing the growing flames. 

“It's a fairly stubborn fire and it's in the roof,” said Assistant Deputy Chief, Rob Heppell. 

Mounting an all-out assault on the blaze, firefighters eventually were able to access the inside of the home and knock down the flames at their source. 

Saanich firefighters say it was lucky no one was hurt in such a fast moving fire with potential explosions. 

Fire investigators are now delving deeper into the ash and rubble at the home to try and determine a cause.