Could the timing be any better? As soon as the summer solstice arrived so did an improvement in our weather. And this weekend, the first weekend of summer, is going to see temperatures soar on Vancouver Island.

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A strong ridge of high pressure is building, delivering clear skies and hot temperatures through the weekend. The high heat has prompted Environment Canada to issue a special weather statement for inland and east Vancouver Island. Temperatures this weekend will top 32 degrees in some inland communities. 

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While these temperatures are impressive and in record territory, it doesn't look like we'll break any temperature records on the island. Here's a look at the long-standing hot weather records for June 24 and June 25. 

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The best chance of breaking temp records is through the Fraser Valley, likely around Abbotsford.

When the weather is this hot, certain groups of people can be at risk of heat related illnesses. That includes young children, older adults, people with chronic illness, pregnant women, and people who are working or exercising outdoors. 

It's important to watch out for heat related illness. Visit the Island Health website for information 

Of course, there are plenty of ways you and your family can beat the heat. 

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Seasonal average temperatures at this time of year range from 17 degrees to 23 degrees on the island. By Monday, temperatures will be noticeably cooler as the ridge moved eastward and onshore flow increases, allowing cooler marine air to sweep over the island once again. 

Oh, one more note... it's tempting to call this run of hot weather a heat wave, but meteorologically speaking, it's not. We'd need three consecutive days of 32 degrees or hotter, by definition. Close, but not quite! Wait 'til August...��