Day 29 without measurable rain in Victoria and summer continues with sunshine and warm temperatures. It’s a safe bet we’ll go a full month without rain, but there’s a slight chance of showers coming early Thursday.

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Any rain would be a welcome break, although it doesn’t look like the rain coming Thursday will amount to much.

precipitation accumulation

Once the brief period of precipitation wraps up, we’re back to sunshine and warm temperatures. Dry, dry, dry.

Poor Air Quality 

In the interior of the province, a lack of measurable rain is a real concern. Aside from the severity of the fires, and all the evacuations, smoke from wildfires continues to cause poor air quality and reduce visibility.

A Smoky Skies Bulletin/Air Quality Advisory is in effect for many parts of British Columbia. Parts of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan are also experiencing poor air quality as a result of the fires burning in B.C.

air quality wx

As winds, fire behaviour and temperatures changes, smoke concentrations will vary. People are advised to stay indoors in well-ventilated areas and avoid strenuous outdoor activities. Smoke can cause a variety of symptoms including coughing, throat irritation, shortness of breath and headaches. Most at risk of having trouble breathing are small children and the elderly with underlying medical conditions. 

You can get more information about the air quality situation at and

Air quality is going to be poor in regions with an advisory for some time, thanks in part to a southwesterly flow as winds push the smoke over the Rockies and into our neighbouring provinces.