If you thought March was gloomy, you’re right.

According to sunshine data recorded at Victoria Airport (YYJ), 2017 comes in as the third gloomiest March on record with less than 97 hours of sunshine in the whole month!

astrid weather table

In a normal year, March gets 142.2 hours of bright sunshine.

While we’re looking at Victoria’s weather statistics, let’s switch over to rain stats because, along with the grey skies, you probably noticed the rain. In fact, it rained 29 out of 31 days in March this year. Only March 4 and March 30 were dry days. That sets a new record for most days with rain in March since records began in 1891!

Gloomy weather socked in the Lower Mainland last month, too. Vancouver had even less sunshine than Victoria in March; just 70.5 hours of bright sunlight in total. March 2017 is officially the gloomiest March on record in Vancouver since sunshine records began in 1951.

Sun worshippers have noticed the first week of April hasn’t been much better! As the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers,”...let’s hope it’s right.