Victoria’s Ogden Point hit a huge milestone Thursday as the port welcomed its seven-millionth cruise ship passenger to date.

The city has been welcoming cruise ships for nearly 40 years, with just 20,000 passengers arriving in 1978.

Every million passengers, the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority celebrates by awarding one lucky passenger some goodies.

This year the honour went to Reshme Balramsingh from Trinidad and Tobago, who has already visited Alaska on the cruise with her family.

She was surprised with flowers and swag including gift certificates at Ogden Point.

“This is my first time here so I’m excited to learn about it as well as experience it, maybe try some knew things,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s because I won the seven-millionth passenger, but everyone here is so nice.”

She said she would spend the day on a pedicab tour of downtown Victoria before taking in a whale-watching tour.

Ian Robertson, CEO of the Harbour Authority, said welcoming seven-million passengers to the city so far is just a sign that it’s growing in international popularity.

“It’s significant for Victoria. It’s just reaffirming that Victoria is a popular destination,” he said. “Cruise is big business for Victoria. It generates

Robertson said the cruise ship industry is big business for the city, generating $130-million per year for the local economy.