Police are looking for culprits after 30 trees were vandalized in Parksville over the weekend.

Parksville city staff and the local RCMP estimate the damage to the city's Cedar Ridge Estates neighbourhood at more than $30,000.

The vandals intended to permanently destroy the trees and went to great lengths to do so, according to police.

Approximately 10 trees were either girdled or destroyed at the base of the trunk, while the other 20 were significantly damaged.

The fir and pine trees, all of which stood between seven and nine metres tall, were planted during the first phase of development of Cedar Ridge.

All of the trees will now be removed, the city said.

"This targeted and senseless damage is unacceptable," Parksville staff said in a statement Wednesday.

Anyone with knowledge of the vandalism is asked to call the RCMP at 250 248-6111.