Saanich police announced who their next police chief will be Thursday morning.

The Saanich Police Board held a news conference at its headquarters on Vernon Avenue to present Scott Green as its 17th chief constable.

“We know that the promotion of Scott Green will be met with enthusiasm by the women and men who serve in the Saanich Police Department as well as by a wide spectrum of stakeholders across the community,” Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes said in a statement.

The board said the hiring comes after months of "extensive research" and candidate interviews.

"I’m honoured to be promoted to the rank of Chief Constable and look forward to continuing to serve Saanich in this new role," said Scott Green.

On Aug. 1, Green will replace current Saanich Police Chief Const. Bob Downie, who retired but was hired back on a temporary contract.

Downie's employment status caused come controversy when it was revealed he was being paid severance in addition to being paid for his temporary contract.

But then-mayor Richard Atwell said it didn't make a difference, since Downie would be paid the same severance whether it was now or later.

Green served as deputy chief constable before his promotion to police chief, and has been with the force for 31 years.

Acting Deputy Chief Gary Schenk was also promoted to the role of Deputy Chief.