Public and independent schools across B.C. will receive a financial boost from the province through a new learning grant in the next few weeks.

The Minister of Education, Mike Bernier, says the goal of the $29.4-million Student Learning Grant is to ease back-to-school supply costs for parents.

It will also allow teachers to bring B.C.’s new curriculum to life in the classroom and help students gain a hands-on experience as well as critical thinking and communication skills.

"Thanks to our strong economy and fiscal management, we are finishing the year in a really good position,” Bernier said in a release. “I can think of no better way to take advantage of the available year-end funding than by investing in our students and classrooms. “

British Columbia’s 60 school districts will receive $27.4-million based on the number of students in their district and independent schools will receive $2-million.

The grant will fund new supplies at a rate of about $50 per public school student.

Schools will be required to purchase a wide range of supplies for classrooms, including textbooks, hands-on learning tools, computer programs, athletic equipment and art supplies.

School districts and independent schools will be required to report to parents and the ministry how the money was used before the start of the 2017-18 school year.