A plastic industry lobby group is again trying to squash Victoria’s ban on single-use plastic bags. 

A provincial court will hear an appeal launched by the Canadian Plastic Bag Association, which represents a “wide range of manufacturers and distributors of plastic shopping bags” across the country. 

The proceedings are scheduled to begin Wednesday in Vancouver.

In June 2018, a B.C. court struck down a petition to block Victoria’s bag-banning bylaw. The Canadian Plastic Bag Association argued that the city was acting outside its authority when it passed its preliminary motion. 

The association also claimed that a municipality should not have the ability to block a product and financially impact manufacturers. 

Currently in Victoria a business must charge at least 15 cents for paper bags and at least $1 for reusable bags. 

Saanich, Esquimalt and Sooke are all exploring similar bylaws to Victoria's.