A Courtenay woman is hoping thieves will have a change of heart and return two sculptures stolen out of her yard once they hear of their significance.

Denise Fenwick was taking compost out to her yard on Quinn Avenue when she noticed two sculptures, created by her late husband, were missing.

"This was super personal and the fact that he's gone and it's the only one I had makes it even worse really," Fenwick said.

The first sculpture, an expensive piece that depicts a woman kneeling, was made of bronze and can't be cast again because the moulds are all gone.

Fenwick says both sculptures of women were situated about five feet from her kitchen door and were stolen sometime on Fri. March 8 which, coincidentally, was International Women's Day.

The pair were both about 18 inches to two feet high, and the bronze one was especially heavy. 

"It weighed 60 pounds so for these guys to just come in and haul it off was not an easy feat," she said. "It's hard for even me to handle it, so they were determined for some reason." 

The pair of statues were created by her late husband Robin Campbell, who died in 2002 and who was known for his works when he lived on Hornby Island. 

She says both pieces are irreplaceable but the one of a sitting lady on a base of granite was especially sentimental. 

"That was our last project we did before he died so it's very precious to me, I don't have any more of them," she said. "They went out of production when he died so it was my only one."