A pair of farmers in Errington admit they shot two dogs accused of attacking their livestock, but the dogs' owner is raising questions about their side of the story.

Wendy Glover and her partner said they had no choice on Dec. 24 but to shoot the dogs, which they say were attacking a goat on their farmland.

"[They were] pulling her from her legs like a wishbone, they were biting her neck and her guts," said Glover. "I screamed louder than I have ever screamed before in my life."

Mounties corroborated the story, issuing a news release Wednesday that said the farmer shot the pets under the authority of the Livestock Protection Act.

But the owner who says her two dogs were the ones shot that morning maintains her animals would never attack a farm animal.

"They lived with a blind, geriatric mini-horse," said Mafawnee-Olivia Kenton. "I absolutely can't see that. They were around baby goats and sheep for years. They were almost like livestock guardian dogs."

Kodi and Tigger were the subject of a large community search when they went missing back in December. They only found out two days ago that the dogs were shot and buried on Glover's property.

"She spoke to me actually saying she hoped I'd find the dogs, knowing full well they were rotting in her backyard," said Kenton.

Glover and her partner said the dogs had no collars or identification and did not match the description in the missing posters put up for Kodi and Tigger.

"The dogs that were described on social media as being extremely friendly, gentle, easy to handle — that's not what I saw," said Glover.

The pair said they're now facing major backlash from the community, receiving threats of harm toward them and their animals.

"Not just to us but children, animals, threatening to shoot our horses in the knees so that we'd have to go and finish them," said Michael Chamberlin.

The threats have prompted a warning from Oceanside RCMP.

"While it is understandable that people are upset that animals were hurt, vigilantism and threats (online or in person) will not be tolerated," the detachment said in a statement. "To prevent future tragedies, dog owners are advised to ensure their animals are properly secured and not roaming on others properties."

Meanwhile, Kenton said she's waiting for the couple to return her pets' remains so they can be re-buried on her property.