Frustrated police in the Comox Valley say motorists just aren’t getting the message after pulling over nine impaired drivers in the span of 12 hours.

Const. Perry Snyder of Comox Valley RCMP says he’s seen a lot of things throughout his policing career, but the rash of impaired drivers has shocked even him.

“I’ve never seen nine impaireds in one day,” said Snyder. “A weekend night maybe one a night, possibly two. But not nine.”

Snyder said it was so bad he even witnessed impaired drivers passing him while he was already dealing with others under the influence.

“It wasn’t like we were set up anywhere. We weren’t on a campaign to target intoxicated drivers. They were everywhere that night,” he said.

RCMP officers in the valley have already had a difficult time recently dealing with serious injuries and deaths involving drivers, and worry about having to give more bad news to accident victims.

“That’s the worst part of the job, is knocking on somebody’s door at three o’clock in the morning and explaining to them why their loved one isn’t coming home anymore,” said Snyder.

He said road checks will be more frequent through the holiday season, but lamented the fact that impaired drivers are being found at all hours and all locations.

Police say charges of impaired driving have been recommended against one driver who is considered a repeat offender. Three drivers received immediate 90-day roadside prohibitions, two received three-day prohibitions and two received 24-hour prohibitions, police said.

One novice driver received a 12-hour prohibition for having consumed alcohol at all.