New details are coming to light about a road rage scrap between two men in a Saanich parking lot that was caught on camera and quickly went viral.

The video shows two men, one noticeably older than the other, trading punches in a backed-up parking lot exit at the Saanich Plaza before others step in to break it up.

A new video surfaced on Wednesday showing the altercation from a different angle.

In it, after bystanders separate the men, the younger driver appears to stomp on a pair of sunglasses dropped by the older man’s wife.

About 45 seconds later, he approaches the woman saying “Hey hey hey, f--k you, you c--t,” and she responds by slapping him in the face.

CTV News has confirmed Kevin Sidhu was the younger man seen in the video, and he took to Facebook to tell his side of the story – alleging racism was at play.

“I didn’t let him back out of his parking spot and he [sic] I guess he didn’t like that. Pulled up next to me and started a tirade saying among other things, ‘go back to ur country,’” he wrote. “I spat on his back window told him to ‘go wash your 25cent land rover.’”

Sidhu confirmed off-camera that he stands by the post, but the older man in the scrap said he emphatically denied making any racially charged or racist comments, and police have also said race isn’t on their radar either.

Trevor Humphries was working in the Saanich Plaza when he saw the fight erupt and was the one who rushed in to break it up.

“There was a car in each lane and they stopped right at the front there and that’s when the brawling started,” he said. “I saw the older gentleman open up the car door of the younger gentleman’s truck and try and start throwing punches in there.”

It’s an incident the likes of which he’d never seen before.

“My heart was racing pretty good because I’m not really keen on people fighting like that over, what, road rage? To me it’s nonsense.”

Police say both men have given wildly different accounts of what happened, but neither will make a formal statement.