The City of Nanaimo is reminding residents to be fire smart as extremely warm and dry conditions are expected to persist on the mid-Island.

"Most brush fires that occur within the city are the result of human carelessness in the form of poorly discarded cigarettes either thrown from a car window or not properly extinguished in an ashtray," the city said in a news release Monday.

The city is also reminding residents and visitors that smoking, campfires and barbecues are not allowed in Nanaimo parks.

Propane barbeques set on low flame levels are permitted at approved locations at picnic shelters in Bowen Park and Maffeo Sutton Park, as well as areas where a permit has been obtained.

The city is encouraging all users of the parks and trail systems to be aware of all fire hazards.

"We ask that everyone do their part to make sure Nanaimo's parks are safe and enjoyable for everyone," said Nanaimo parks director Richard Harding.

"Many of Nanaimo's parks and trails are not irrigated, which means the vegetation is very dry during the warm summer months."

The city also recommends residents maintain their barbecues and never leave them unattended while in use.