Police in Central Saanich have issued more than $700 in fines and seized a motorcycle after receiving reports of frequent, excessive speeding in a residential neighbourhood.

Les Sylven, chief constable of the Central Saanich Police Service, told CTV News Vancouver Island that police had received multiple complaints from residents in the 6000 block of Oldfield Road.

"With that information, Tuesday morning, several of our officers were out there," Sylven said. "At about 6 a.m., they noticed a motorcycle coming towards them at a really high rate of speed, so they attempted to stop the motorcycle. I think it looked like it was going about 120 in a 50-kilometre zone, but the driver decided not to stop for us and, in fact, flee from us."

Officers chose not to pursue the motorcyclist at that time, a decision Sylven said was the right one.

"The officers made an excellent choice at the time and had enough information to just let the person go on their way and carry on," he said.

The following day, officers returned to the scene and encountered the same motorcyclist at roughly the same time of day. This time, rather than trying to stop him, they followed him to his work.

There, officers confronted the man, issuing several tickets for excessive speeding and failing to stop for police, infractions that carry with them a total of more than $700 in fines.

Failing to stop also comes with a provision that allows officers to impound a vehicle, Sylven said.

"His motorcycle was seized and we have it for seven days," he said. "Hopefully, this person is able to learn from this."