Residents in Colwood say blasting at a nearby construction site is causing their homes to fall apart.

Sue Courey and her husband live on Coleman Place, about a kilometre away from a work site off Latoria Road.

The home was built in 2012 and Courey says they planned to sell it when her husband retired.

“We can’t move forward now because of this, we in good conscience need to have everything fixed before we move on,” Courey said.

Since the work started a year-and-a-half ago, she says she’s been noticing changes around her home.

“Because of the vibration in the house it’s causing cracks in wood, causing things to drop and stick,” she said. “We have also found a crack in our foundation.”

According to Courey, it’s not just her home that’s been affected. The degree of damage depends on where the house is situated, she says.

“It’s like living in a war zone,” Courey added.

Janice Rurka also lives on Coleman Place.

“Our home isn’t five-years-old yet and we had it painted last year,” Rurka said. “I’m seeing it fall apart.”

Tri-X Excavating Ltd is one of the companies responsible for the blasting.

A project manager with the company told CTV News over the phone that the company has a seismic limit on all the blasts and it’s been well under those limits.

It’s not the first time blasting has led to complaints in the Capital Region.

In May 2015, a bowling ball-sized rock crashed through the roof of a home.

It came from a neighbouring work site where a company was blasting.